Cloud Services


One of the best decisions you’d make for your business is to move it to Cloud. But, most companies refrain from taking this decision fearing the so-called messy transition phase.

We are here to tell you that moving to cloud needn’t be that difficult or complicated. With the right team and the right support, you can seamlessly set up the complete cloud infrastructure and computing systems, right from architecture, design, integration through to adoption.

Take a look at Venolin’s Cloud solutions and services and get used to working on scalable, high-performance cloud platforms and systems that will help you multiply your company’s efficiency and productivity.


Cost reduction

Managing a data center involves buying equipments, hiring technical help for installations and management, and so on. With the cloud, you pay only for the services you want and the rest will be taken care of by the providers.


With traditional data centers, as your business scales, the cost for storage, servers, and licenses increase. On cloud, as you grow, you just need more storage space which you can get by upgrading your package.


Cloud allows you and your teams to work from anywhere they want, thus giving you the flexibility to choose the number of on-premises and remote workers you can have for your business.


Your data on cloud is safe from thefts and security breach, so that you won’t have to worry about cyber and information security risks.

No backup required

Backing up data is a crucial part of working with traditional data centers because there’s always the risk of data loss. On cloud, you can always rest assured that your data will be available for you to access anytime you want.