Business Needs a Mobile CRM Strategy!

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile CRM Strategy

Mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and cloud consulting services provide entire CRM features and experience on a smartphone, tablets, and other internet-enabled devices. Mobile CRM assists sales, marketing, and customer service teams to access and manage the database in real time.

Why organizations need cloud-based CRM solutions?

The mass migration of internet users from desktop to mobile devices implies that people expect real-time information to be accessible from anywhere. According to specific stats, the number of global internet traffic coming from mobile devices elevated from 0.7% in 2009 to 52.99% in 2017, and the numbers continue to grow.
This is because a mobile CRM development services allow users to access their data no matter where they are, allowing them to run their business on the go.

Benefits of Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM software and Internet-enabled devices can deliver all the classic functionality of a system hosted on a desktop or laptop, but additionally adding the benefit of on-the-go access through cloud-based CRM solutions.

Mobile CRM software services, such as Salesforce CRM consulting services or Zoho CRM consultation, allow remote workers access to their data when they are away from their desk.

Benefits to the Employees

Sales representatives travel between offices and location to meet with their prospects. Field agents need access to schedule and work, even when not in the office. Now with remote access, they are proving to be more productive. Research studies have shown that companies gain an extra 240 Hours of work annually with mobile devices. All this because smartphones allow users the freedom to work from wherever suits them. And even if they aren’t in the same building, state, or country, the entire organization gets access to the same data. And that too irrespective of the compatibility issues, providing a more collaborative work environment. 

Benefits to the customers

Customers also benefit from a cloud-based CRM solution because of the availability of the organization. A mobile CRM, whether it is Salesforce or any other can help you ensure that your customers are getting the best services available 24/7. Employees have access to the data at real-time. This makes them fully-equipped to offer their clients with reliable information that they need, without wasting any time.
Even employees who are not working with the clients directly use mobile CRM to manage schedules, generate reports, make data analysis, and organize files all in one secure location.

Increased Sales

Companies who have switched to Mobile CRM development services are more likely to close more sales than the ones who haven’t made the change yet. The figures state that 65% of sales representatives using mobile CRM than the 22% who haven’t accessed this technology. Mobile CRM strategy provides sales representatives with better access to customer information. The lesser time sales representatives require in searching for the information they need, the more time they can spend interacting with the customers and nurturing the existing relationships. Thus, these cloud-based CRM solutions help you acquire new customers and more profits.

Data Accessibility

Employees working away from their office premises often require more information about their clients that just name and contact number. Mobile CRM solutions allow data stored in the customer’s account including details about the previous interaction done with the company. They can also make use of the mobile CRM system to add additional information. This will allow other employees back at the premises to see the added information.

Boosting Productivity

All the above benefits of mobile CRM strategy when combined create a significant boost in the overall productivity. When a sales representatives can quickly access the latest database of their clients, then they can directly deliver a service that can meet the customer’s needs. With the help of efficient search technologies, there is lesser time taken searching for the information they require. And thus, employees can accomplish more during working hours, leading to the overall enhancement in productivity. 

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